Full Service Book Production. 
Let Me Do The Hard Part!

Watch the video below to discover how you can can have me do everything for you. All you need to to is write the book. I will get it edited, covered, formatted, uploaded, distributed, and take care of everything for you!

I can finish your book for you so you can get onto the next project! I will have it distributed worldwide!
Check out the details below:

Prices include all aspects of getting your book completed.

The full service fee is $1250 for a book that is less then 40,000 words. For books that are more than 40k there will be additional editing charges. For this price I will do the following:

1.) I will have a wonderful cover designed. You will get two cover choices. Revisions after completion, or additional design choices will cost you $65 per revision or cover choice.

2.) I will have the book edited. Books that are over 30k words will be billed at 2 cents per word over 30k. Your book will also be proofread. As always, you will also need to go over the final draft to make any final changes before publication. Errors or corrections after final approval will incur new charges. It is impossible for any book to have no errors, so know ahead of time, that any final errors or corrections you miss after final approval will be billed no matter "who's fault".

3.) I will get your ISBN numbers for you and get them assigned. You can use free ISBN numbers from Amazon or you can purchase them from Bowker. If you purchase them, I will handle it all for you, but you must pay the ISBN fees. I will set up your KDP account.

4.) I will get your book formatted as both an eBook and paperback book. Formatting will include page runners, drop caps, and deluxe features.

5.) I will upload it to KDP and IngramSpark. No hassles for you this is often the time consuming hard part. Let me handle it all, you just enjoy a finished project!

6.) There will be additional charges for revisions after acceptance and completion. 

7.) You will be the publisher of your book. There are no royalties or payments due after completion. It is all yours!

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