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Titles and Cover

You will learn what works for titles and subtitles and how to create a well written book. You will get access to vetted cover artists who can make your dream a reality.

Writing Help

You will learn my proven methods for creating a well written book - even if writing is not your best subject! Bring your ideas, I will help you fill in the blanks.

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33 Step-By-Step Tutorials 

The tutorials start by re-writing what you learned in high school English and teach you how to write like a professional writer. Next, the tutorials guide you through every aspect of outlining, organizing, and writing your book, and then into the technical aspects of getting a cover designed, editing the book, and formatting it for publication. I will show you how to obtain ISBNs and barcodes and start your own publishing company so that your books can easily be found in bookstores worldwide.

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