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You want to write the best story, and the way to make sure it is good is to
work with Dan Perez!

Meet on Zoom with Dan, and craft your perfect story. Become unstuck, learn the "Save the Cat" method so you can create a bestselling book!

Dialog and character development.
Brainstorm and discover what your story is missing to make it interesting and compelling!
Dan is a proven creative writing tutor and expert!
Story outline and structure.

Dan Perez, Expert Writing Coach

Dan Perez has been writing fiction for decades. He has several short stories that have been published nationally in magazines and anthologies. He has written three novels, and collaborated with Richard Nongard on a fourth. Dan has been a member of professional writing organizations and is a big fan of the popular Save the Cat methodology for crafting fiction that hits all the "beats" that readers expect from bestselling fiction. Let Dan help you craft the best fiction you are capable of writing.

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