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Dr. Richard K. Nongard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who wrote his first book in 1994. He is since published over 25 books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Some of his books have become bestsellers in their niche, and he writes books on a variety of subjects. He has been in the publishing business since 1994 and can teach your everything from how to write as a new writer, to publishing a high quality book with little financial outlay, to marketing your book. 

Richard will be writing a book during this course. You will be mirroring his steps and you will be guided from start to finish.

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The next class begins July 21, 2020.
11:00 am Pacific Time.
(All meetings are recorded for those who miss a session)

You Have an Idea...
Now Share it as a book!

I have helped many people write their own book. I can help you get yours published, too!

Join this 12-week hands-on writing experience with me, bestselling author Dr. Richard Nongard.

Follow my directions and you will have a beautiful, finished, high quality book that is available worldwide in bookstores and online retailers.

$198 Total Tuition. You will pay one payment of $98 today, and a final payment of $98 in one month making it even more affordable!

12-Weeks of step-by-step tutorials and live zoom meetings to get you from idea to done! 
Having written 25+ books, I already know what works and what does not. Cut your learning curve with my expertise.
You will get personal attention and ALL of your questions answered.  

This is how you write a book and finish it!

Register today you will get access to three tutorials show you a proven method for outlining your book and writing an attention grabbing thesis and first chapter.

Each week, I will share 2-3 additional video tutorials guiding you step-by-step through the exact same process I use to both write a book and produce a professionally printed paperback. 

We will also meet live on Zoom each week where I will answer questions, share ideas, create accountability and where you can get feedback from other authors.

I am also going to write a book! I am going to teach you how to write your book as you mirror the same steps for your book.

Titles and Cover

You will learn what works for titles and subtitles and how to create a well written book. You will get access to vetted cover artists who can make your dream a reality.

Writing Help

You will learn my proven methods for creating a well written book - even if writing is not your best subject! Bring your ideas, I will help you fill in the blanks.

Passive Income

I will show you how I generate pre-sales, endorsements and blurbs, and start getting sales the first day your book is published. Royalty income lasts a lifetime.


I will show you how you can get a beautiful, professionally produced book created, including formatting and design, in both eBook and paperback versions. 

This class pays for itself! You can generate passive income for the rest of your life.

The Next Class Begins July 21, 2020.  This is the last class offered for $196!
Our last class was 100% sold out. Make sure you get a spot. Class size is always limited to make sure I can give everyone personalized attention and answer all questions!


We will meet for 12  weeks on Zoom for 75 minutes. We meet Tuesday mornings at 11:00 a.m. Pacific (Las Vegas) Time. 

If you miss a meeting, they are always recorded. You can view it later if you cannot make it to a meeting. 


Each week I provide tutorials teaching you exactly how to complete each task. These can be accessed 24/7 on your own time. 

They are detailed explanations of exactly what I do to write, create, and sell my books. 


We have a well moderated private social media group where you can post questions, get feedback, access resources, and find the support you need to finish. 

Dr. Nongard answers questions in this forum on a daily basis! Your questions will be answered in detail.

The idea has been in your head for a while! Now Get the Book Done! We will be doing it together...

You are not alone! I will be writing my book, and you will be mirroring my success.

I have written 25+ books, and I am writing another one! In this course I'm not just teaching you what I know, I will be sharing exactly what I do in 12- weeks so that you can mirror my success and do it with me! 

The tutorials are fantastic. They will show you how to get a beautiful cover made, how to get blurbs from industry leaders, and how to create your book. I even give you writing templates so you can fill in your own chapters.

But the best part is our weekly Zoom meeting and our private social media group. You will be doing this real-time with other writers, and together we can get it done. This course sets a schedule of 5-10 hours a week, and by  the end of 12-weeks, your book will be finished.

You will even have 5-star book reviews the first day your book is published because our group can support each others success!

Write a Book and Establish Yourself as an Authority. Generate professional credibility.
This can result in higher professional fees, speaking requests, and better job offers.
All this for $196 if you register now for the July class. The fall class jumps to $397!

This is a Real-Time Writing Experience, You will be with other successful therapists, Who are also writing a book.

It is fun to write with others and get our projects done while supporting each other.

You can write on any topic, fiction or non-fiction. Write a book for other professionals, write a business book, write a religious book, a self-help book, a how-to book or even a novel!  
Learn how to avoid being trapped in an Amazon-only world, and publish worldwide so your book can be found at any bookstore! 
Previous participants have written dating books, self-help books, books for other therapists, training manuals, business and leadership books, and even fiction novels. One wrote a book about raising giant rabbits! Your topic is welcome!
Learn exactly what I have done to create successful leadership books, counseling textbooks, how-to books, self-help books and fiction books.
Learn how to get an outside publisher and agent if that is appropriate for your topic, expertise, and book.
Know how to avoid getting ripped-off by vanity publishers that will take your money and fail to deliver the sales.
Create passive income, for life! I am still getting paid from books I wrote in the 1990's. It makes a great retirement bonus!
Gain access to my vetted cover illustrators, my editing team and my formatting specialists. You will spend a few hundred dollars, not thousands of dollars, and your book will be available worldwide at every major retailer.
Audio books add about 35% to my annual sales - I will show you how you can produce an audio book distributed on Audible, iTunes, and Google Play.
Learn about copyright, editing services, and marketing and selling your book. Learn how to do it right and in the most cost effective way possible.
Learn how to publish foreign language versions of your book. 
Learn from a professional author/therapist! I know what works and what does not. I have done this the wrong way and the right way! Learn from my mistakes so you don't waste a dime in production, and get your book finished on time.

See what other Authors say about this opportunity and how you can do it too!

$196 Total. You will pay two payments of $98. The first payment of $98 today, the second (and final payment) will be billed automatically one month from today.

If you take a course book writing course, take one from someone with a success track record you can verify!


Dr. Richard Nongard has written more than 25 books in multiple niches. Both fiction and non-fiction.


Dr. Richard Nongard has been the number one bestseller in multiple niches related to leadership, hypnotherapy, counseling, and  other categories.


Dr. Richard Nongard has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years as a professional  who writes books.

What You Will Learn for Only $196:

This course teaches far more than just how to write a book!

This course teaches motivation, accountability, and getting it done. It teaches how to take the thoughts from your head and write them in a way that lets you share with the world.

This course will show you how to do everything from writing, to production, to marketing your book.

You will learn how to express your ideas in interesting ways, how to structure your content, and how to capture reader attention.

You will learn how to get 5-star reviews, and use your books to establish expertise. 

This is a complete step-by-step program that will meet online weekly for 12-weeks. I will be writing a non-fiction book during this class. The book I finish in this class will be on sale before the 12-weeks are over. If you stick to the schedule and homework I provide (about 5-10 hours per week) you will also have a book ready to sell in 12-weeks!

Even if you have previously written a book, you can tap into my expertise and the power of the group. You can exceed your previous success, and cut out the hassles, problems, and mistakes you made the first time! 

To be clear:  We are not co-writing a book. I will be writing my book and sharing each step with you, you will be writing your book mirroring my instructions. Each participant will be writing their own book.

Join the success of other authors, Get instant access to the tutorials, and the power of the group!

Still trying to decide? Watch the first tutorial and see how easy it is!

Total tuition is $196. You will pay $98 today, and will be billed a final monthly payment of $98 one month from now.

This Course Begins July 21, Don't be left behind!

Our last class 100% sold out. Make sure you get your place.
The July class is $196. If you wait until the fall class it will be $397!

In the next twelve weeks you will learn everything you need to know and I will connect you with the resources you will need to finish your book. This includes vetted proofreaders and editors, cover designers, and book layout formatters.

You will learn:

  • How to get your eBook on Kindle, Apple Books, and Google play.
  • You will learn why publishing a paperback only through Amazon is a horrible mistake and why you should use alternatives that will provide you with universal access to real bookstores.
  • You will get proven methods to overcome writer’s block and actually finish.
  • The peer support will give you people you can talk to about your ideas and we can proofread and get feedback from other group members.
  • You will learn how to how to keep the costs down and hire an editor and proofreader for less than $300, a top-quality cover designer for about $50, and a typesetter for eBook and paperback for about $50.
  • You will learn publishing options and how to obtain your own ISBN number and Library of Congress number and why you should do this.

For literally the price of a small pizza each week, you are going to get my personal attention and guidance in creating audio books, marketing your books, ideas for your book, how-tos of creating your books, etc. You will learn EVERYTHING I do to create a book and you will see me do it step-by-step!

If you stick to the writing schedule of 5-10 hours per week, your book will have about 100-175 pages and 20,000- 50,000 words and will be for sale at any major retailer – both online and offline – in about 12 weeks.

  • You will learn how to come up with titles, a subtitle, and chapter headings that will sell your book for you!
  • You will also learn how to avoid writing a book nobody wants to buy and how to write for the reader to help you sell more books.
  • You will have a place to ask specific questions about your book with other writers, and with an expert in self-publishing.

I wrote my first book in 1994. I have written a couple of books a year since that time. Passive income from royalties makes a great retirement plan! Once you write a book, you never have to write it again and potentially you can earn money from it for the rest of your life! I am still earning money from books I wrote before my adult children were born!

Your book will be available worldwide and in multiple formats. You will have paperbacks to sign, eBooks to share, and even audio books for travelers and the visually impaired.

Register Now and Join us July 21
11:00 a.m. Pacific Time on Zoom

You will get instant access to the first three tutorials and access to our Zoom room. All sessions are recorded so if you miss any, you can always catch up! Our last class was 100% full. Register now to claim your spot.

$196 Total. You will pay two payments of $98. The first payment of $98 today, the second (and final payment) will be billed automatically one month from today.

Frequently Asked Questions
Call (702) 418-3332 with Other Questions!

What if I miss a Zoom session?

We want you to try to attend the live Zoom sessions, but they are always recorded and we will post them online. If you miss a session just watch it on your own time and stay current with the class!

Can I call you and ask questions?

The phone number is (702) 418-3332 and you can call me anytime. I am happy to answer short questions via phone or FB messenger. I try to give individualized attention to every student and I welcome your calls. If you need one-on-one coaching to help you with writing, outlining or other aspects of book writing, that is offered to class participants for a nominal fee for my time. 

Does the book have to be on any specific topic?

You can write on any topic, either fiction or non-fiction. The principles in this course can be applied to any book from a novel to a memoir. Previous students in this course have written textbooks, self-help books, erotic literature, and even a book about raising giant rabbits! Write what you are passionate about.

Can I get Continuing Education Hours?

No. State licensing boards do not permit CE hours to be awarded for personal development. But even without hours, this will be a career enhancing course.

How much time do I have to devote to this?

You will spend 1 hour a week or less viewing next step tutorials and 75 minutes each week in Zoom. Participants average 5-10 hours per week of writing time, organizational time, and production time to getting it done.

Will this be a real book that bookstores stock?

Bookstores worldwide will be able to order your book, as will libraries, schools and other organizations from the same wholesalers that all books come from.  Richard will share some inside secrets for getting shelf space in local retailers for your book. And of course, if you're lucky, you're book might be one of the small minorities that get shelf space nationwide.

Are there additional costs?

I typically spend $300-$600 for book cover graphics, editing and proofreading, and typesetting. I do not spend much on marketing, choosing to use organic reach instead. I will share my resources with you, and you should expect to spend about the same for a 20,000-60,000 word book.

What if it takes me longer than 12-weeks?

I want you to try to stay on track with the group. But some will have delays, personal issues, etc. You will have lifelong access to the tutorials and replays and can finish on your own time using these resources. But if at all possible, stay with the group and devote your time to this. It will pay lifelong rewards to you.

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  Withdrawal and Refund Policy

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