A Potpourri of Hypnotic Techniques: Adding the Wow Factor to Your Practice

Are you a new hypnotist and would like a brief review of what you learned? Or maybe you are thinking of purchasing this book because you are interested in hypnosis but have not taken any training yet. It is my hope that you do take some training and add to the roster of excellent hypnotists already practicing. Maybe you have had some training and purchased this book for a review of some of the ideas you already learned. Turn to the section “Hypnosis: A Short Course” for a brief introduction to hypnosis.

Have you been in practice for a while and want to master a new technique? Check out the Techniques sections. I love to teach inductions to others. Maybe you want to add a few new inductions to your repertoire. When I see a client for the first time, I use an induction I created, the Abrahamsen Induction. In subsequent sessions, I choose a different induction, maybe the Elman induction or the coin drop induction. I may even use an instant or rapid induction on the third or fourth session. In the “Induction Techniques” section, you will find many different ones. Do you know if you have already hypnotized someone, you already know an instant induction?

How would you like to create excitement, anticipation, and enthusiasm with your client just before you hypnotize them? And with your audience just before you ask for volunteers for a demonstration? Would the groups you are speaking to invite you back? You bet they would!

In this book, you will find demonstration techniques to use with your clients or with an audience, techniques for finding the most suggestible volunteers in your audience, and techniques for explaining habits and other aspects of hypnosis to your client.

You will find other techniques to use with your clients: induction, deepening, regression, and a therapeutic story. You can create similarly excited anticipation with your clients, groups, or volunteers as the Great Gardino did in that coffeehouse many years ago.

Master these techniques, and you will be the hypnotist that adds the WOW factor to your practice.

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