A Spirit Biography: An Adventure Tale Communicated from Spirit to Human

Have you ever read a book like, what is called realistic fiction? You know, that some of the historical events and places are not real, and that is the fiction part. And then there are some real people and real events. This story is about Arnold Stuuri. He was my uncle on my mother’s side. He really died in World War II. But what if he didn’t die then? What would his life have been like if he actually lived into the 21st century? Who was he? Where did he come from? What would he have done with his life?I feel that the spirit of Arnold has been around, preparing me to write his story. We will go through his childhood to discover his likes and dislikes, how he viewed his family and his town. We move through his life of travel, colleges, and then the time when the world exploded and touched almost every person on earth. After that his life takes an interesting turn. Now, you will have to read the stories to find out what happens. Our relatives will look at this story and hopefully laugh and cry and remember.

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Genres: Historical Fiction, Memoir
ISBN: 9798566536842
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