Anxiety The Book: A Practical Guide to Eliminating Anxiety and Getting on with Your Life

Anxiety has become more prevalent over the past few years and diminishes the quality of life for many people dealing with it. There is no simpler way to make significant changes in your life and eliminate anxiety than by reading this book.

This book reveals the most effective methods to address the factors that are causing your anxiety, provides exercises and techniques that are easy to understand and use, and shows you how to create your own unique recipe for success. Like most things, anxiety arises from a combination of factors, and this book enables you to discover the things that have lead to your anxiety and gives you specific tips and techniques to deal with those factors.

This book has arisen from over twenty years of experience in helping people just like you to overcome anxiety. It is easy to follow and understand, enabling you to take the steps you need to make changes, at your own pace and with confidence. There are places for you to complete exercises and add your own notes' it’s your book, your very own recipe for getting your life back!

Are you ready to make lasting change and free yourself from anxiety?
If so, then let’s begin taking the first steps today!

This book:

Is a comprehensive guide to dealing with anxiety
Reveals the most effective methods to address the specific causes of your anxiety
Provides exercises and techniques that are easy to understand and use
Shows you how to create your own unique recipe for success
Is written by a leading edge therapist with over twenty years of helping real people like yourself overcome anxiety
Once you begin putting the information in this book into effect, you really will be able to overcome anxiety and get your life back!

What others are saying about this book:
“This excellent book gives you all the tools and resources you need to overcome your anxiety and be free to enjoy your life again. If you buy just one book about anxiety, make sure its this one!”
- Dr Richard Nongard, author of The Seven Most Effective Methods of Self-Hypnosis

“FINALLY! An easy-to-read book with easy-to-understand techniques REAL people can use to get the results that they want! The simplicity of this book makes it easy for ANYONE to understand.”
- Kahikina (aka Polynesian Pirate), radio personality, KAPA Radio Hawaii

“Free yourself from needless suffering by following Carolyn's easy, effective, time-proven, and safe methods found within these helpful pages! Here's to your future finally being free of anxiety!”
- Maggie M. Connor, olympian, master trainer

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Genre: Health
ISBN: 9798985860313
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