Becoming The Entity Doctor: A Guide to Discovering The Spiritual World

Becoming The Entity Doctor: A Guide to Discovering The Spiritual World

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About the Book

The Easiest and Most Breathtaking Way to Change Your Life

Discover how becoming aware of the energy around you can make it easier to manifest your desires. Learning to raise your vibration is the simplest way to make lasting changes in your life.

This book will start you on your path and help you recognize the good and evil you may encounter along the way. Acquiring simple, energetic techniques can help you live a happier, stress-free life and step into a new, exciting chapter.

Follow Cindy, The Entity Doctorâ„¢, as she learns to work with energy, discovers unseen positive and negative energetic beings, and figures out how to resolve spiritual issues. Read all about her amazing experiences starting out in the metaphysical field, mastering techniques and processes directly from Spirit.

Learn about the different entities she encounters every day and the entities that may be around you.

As a professional, Cindy is constantly discovering new threats and determining how to resolve them. See how shifting your energy can improve your quality of life and allow you to find happiness. Want to learn more about influencing your future? Peek inside.

ISBN: 9798988521105
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