Caturday Knife Special (Caddy Cat Cafe Mysteries)

A funny murder mystery that will delight you with a female sleuth who is not perfect, but she might be the purrfect person to solve the murder.

What do you do when you have a cat café, a snarky talking cat, and a dead body?

Kit Beck is a woman with anger issues realizing her life is heading nowhere fast. She doesn’t know what to do with her life or who to turn to.

A bizarre request from her grandmother to take over her cat café sets Kit on a path she never anticipated. As Kit struggles to settle into her new surroundings, she quickly realizes she may have taken on more than she can handle:

Marjorie the T-rex. Brian the Biker. Sarah the Barista. And cats. So many cats.

Dealing with the employees and residents of Caddy Cat Café would be challenging enough. Add in an unsympathetic counselor for her court-mandated anger management sessions, and Kit is quickly overwhelmed.

But Kit’s chaotic new life gets thrown for a loop when she finds a dead body in the café.

Despite the police swarming the café as a perpetual crime scene, Kit is too curious to let anyone else take over the investigation. And she has an advantage the police don’t. Kit’s special connection to cats just may be the edge she needs to solve the murder.

With the help of chatty Gabby, Daisy, Trunk, Mr. Nuggy, and the rest of the Caddy Cat Café crew, Kit just might turn into the world’s most unlikely detective.

Filled with witty dialog and a colorful cast of characters (including talking cats), Caturday Knife Special will have you laughing in breathless anticipation to find out ‘whodunit’ in the most original murder mystery you’ve ever read.

Along the way, you may even encounter insightful pearls of truth to living your best life.

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About the Book
Genre: Thriller
ASIN: 1960739018
ISBN: 9781960739018
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