FEED YOUR BONES!: A Nutritional Workbook for Increased Bone Density & Bone Strength

In this detailed yet simple workbook, Jayne Wesler wrestles with the question of which diet best promotes good bone health. After years of reading and researching this topic, Ms. Wesler outlines a plan you can follow, one about which you can be certain.
Jayne Wesler was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the relatively young age of 50. Over the next four years, her condition worsened, yet her physicians did not advise her of the many interventions she could use to improve her bone health.
Left to her own devices, she investigated. After a year of trial and error, much anguish, and a great deal of hard work, she was successful!
Compelled to continue to help herself and the millions of women and men who suffer from osteopenia and osteoporosis, Ms. Wesler developed a program to improve bone health. This led to the publication of three books on bone health, the development of a webinar, and a four-week course designed to help those at risk of OP develop and adhere to their own individualized bone-building plans.
While developing the four-week course, Ms. Wesler returned, once again, to the question: Am I really eating right for my bone health?
If you, too, ask this question, open this workbook, and find the answers within.

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Genre: Health
ISBN: 9798986412405
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