Feed Your Brain Change Your Life: Take Control Of Your Brain, Body And Emotions

Desperately looking for answers to help her daughter through addiction of drugs and alcohol, Shelly Jo found tools to reduce addictions; and help children, teens, and adults beat the struggles of cravings, emotions, and weight gain. Feed your brain - brain food. What you eat matters. Get rid of negative self-talk.Do you want these tools to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, cravings, and addictions? And increase your energy, sleep, happiness, and weight loss?While standing at my vendor table, a woman stopped, looked at my sign with a puzzled look, and stated. "Amino Acid Therapy, Nutrition, and Hypnotherapy, that's an odd combination. How do they work together?" I smiled and asked, "Are you ready to find the answer?" Ste stated emphatically, " Yes!"Are you ready to find answers to change your life?Neurotransmitters are the happy, calm, feel-good, positive chemicals in your brain (Serotonin, Dopamine, GABA, Endorphins). When depleted, emotional and mental issues may develop.

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Genre: Self-Help
ASIN: 1736217607
ISBN: 9781736217603
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