Happy Easter, Birthday Bunny

Hop along the pages with Jester the giant bunny to enjoy some family time, Easter cheer, as our great big lovable friend learns about being patient in this book of birthday surprises.

This is the largest of the Jester books published, to date, with over 40 full-color photo-pages of our shining star. Don't miss your chance to see him interacting with his family, either. There might even be a few of Jester's other pals that peek in on a couple of the pages found within.

Although the book is written for children, many adults around the world are also avid Jester fans. In fact, At the time of this publication, he has over 20,000 followers, to be exact. After all, what is not to love about this adorable, furry, hunk of love! Beyond that, Jester and his books have been featured on many media formats, including television, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and all over social media as well. You can learn more about how to join his following by gathering the information offered within these pages, or the pages of his other books. If this is your first Jester-book, be sure to check out and add the others to your collection:
Jester's 1st Christmas
Love is Kind
The Great Pumpkin Hunt
... and book #2 of the Continental Giant Rabbit series, written by this author, titled Continental Giant Rabbits, Advanced tips for Care, Feeding, Health, and Housing - where you will see Jester gracing the front cover.

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Genre: Animals and Pets
ISBN: 9798442646085
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