How To Do Hypnosis: The Practical Introduction to Therapeutic Hypnosis

How To Do Hypnosis is THE hypnosis book that everyone is talking about!

Graham Old finally spills the beans and introduces the approaches, ideas and techniques – finely honed in clinical practice – that have made him such a highly regarded hypnosis trainer and persistently in-demand therapist.

If you are looking for a fresh explanation as to the nature of hypnosis and an accessible way to frame that for clients, or seeking innovative approaches to creating and sustaining hypnotic experiences, you will find it all here.

There is a reason that Dr. Richard Nongard, author of The Self-Hypnosis Solution, states that 'Graham Old has long been one of my favorite hypnotists and writers.'

How to do Hypnosis will teach you:

  • The Essential P3 approach to adopt with all your clients
  • Why 'suggestibility tests' may be unhlepful and how to revitalise them
  • How to make your hypnotic sessions feel magical, from the very beginning
  • The true purpose and power of hypnotic inductions (often misunderstood even by experienced hypnotists)
  • THIRTY transcripts (including commentary and tips) of inductions in action
  • The role of deepeners and the Super Suggestion
  • A Solution-focused approach to constructing your hypnosis sessions
  • When Permissive Possibilities may be more powerful than direct suggestions
  • The Trojan Horse means of hiding one technique inside another
  • How to utilise the vital role of pacing and leading
  • Why embedded ideas might be more useful than embedded commands
  • The power of expectation and rapport - genuine rapport
  • How Observation and utilisation are two of your most important tools
  • The Suggestion Pyramid approach to hypnotic suggestion
  • Using the Chain of Command to elicit phenomena in the blink of an eye
  • Various means of utilising time travel in your sessions
  • And so much more…

After reading this book, you will know why and how to become a phenomenal hypnotist.

Enjoy learning 30 different ways to begin a hypnosis session, with an emphasis on making each one mesmerising, memorable and momentous.

What is trance? Do we need deepeners? Is it possible to stick someone's hand to their leg almost instantly? Are you able to not think of a pink elephant? How can you help your clients experience amnesia – and why would you want to? These questions and so many more and discussed in a lively, engaging, provocative and participatory manner.

Learn the power of possibility thinking and discover how to utilise trance to lubricate your client's minds, creating lasting change and laying the foundation for even more transformation to come.

Discover essential hypnotic skills and tools, hypnotic language and an almost unbelievably effortless approach to hypnotic phenomena.

This book provides a solid practical introduction to therapeutic hypnosis. It all begins here.

About the Book
Genre: Hypnosis
ISBN: 9781838400019
List Price: 26.01
eBook Price: 17.76
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