Hypnoketosis: Eat the Foods You Love and Lose Weight While You Sleep

There is no simpler way to reduce your weight than to use self-hypnosis to put you into ketosis, a state in which your body burns fats instead of sugars and carbs. I will teach you step by step how easy it is for you to eat the foods you love and lose weight while you sleep.
Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and I will show you just how easy it is for you to put yourself into a trance and make the changes you have always dreamed of. You will learn to change the wiring in your mind that causes you to continue to overeat well beyond the state of feeling satisfied. Yoyo dieting only leads to more dieting. This eating program will help you give up sugar and start living a life filled with energy and health and a body you never thought possible.

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Genres: Health, Hypnosis
ISBN: 9781735994703
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