Are you curious about what it would be like to be hypnotized? Are you curious whether or not you could be hypnotized? This book offers information to help you gain a more informative answer to those questions, as well as the often asked question, “Is hypnosis real?”
Discover secrets of the trade. Did you know there are branches of hypnosis? You will learn about them and when they are best applied, and other secrets of the trade. And who wouldn’t want to know that? From house party hypnosis to hypnosis to help others, this book offers insights from the hypnotist’s perspective and that of the individual being hypnotized.
Learn what it takes to overcome obstacles. While you discover whether or not you can be hypnotized, you will learn what it takes to be a good hypnotic subject and the important aspects of self-hypnosis to overcome obstacles that weigh you down in life. One of the things you’ll appreciate about delving into this book and the world of hypnosis is how easy it is to discover the truth for yourself.
It’s more than a peek! Look and then step into the rabbit hole and take the journey into the world of hypnosis with me.

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Genre: Hypnosis
ASIN: B0918QWX65
ISBN: 9781736438206
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