Rejuvenate Your Life: Recharge, revive, and improve with self-care

Can you imagine how great it would be to wake up tomorrow morning, feeling your best, being recharged and ready for the day? Now, as you expand that thought, also imagine how fabulous it would be to have that consistency on a daily basis. That would be pretty terrific, right?

Rejuvenation is about moving beyond self-care and combining every benefit possible from each aspect of your life and using them consistently. This book hand-delivers the vital aspects of this process in a practical, compassionate, easy to follow guide to provide you with tools and methods to achieve balance and harmony, with long-term effects of happiness, peace, health, and achieving a higher awareness of your well-being.

Then, for those who are committed and serious about living a Rejuvenated lifestyle, you will learn how to become a Certified Rejuvenation Coach, so that you too can assist others, in a professional manner.

What are others saying about this book?

“The best books come from both professional and personal experience. Eva has created a great resource to help you rejuvenate your life, based on both! This is a book I will recommend to others, and I recommend you get it too.”
Dr. Richard Nongard,
Author: “The Seven Most Effective Methods of Self-Hypnosis

‘Eva Wells shares a wealth of practical knowledge in how to allow self-care to be an integral part of your life. She shows how to incorporate these techniques into your everyday life with ease. She shares her insights about self-care and confidence in a compassionate way. She offers practical tips to avoid burn out that are designed to rejuvenate your life and put you in touch with your why.”
Susan Holman,
Founder of Susan Coach, LLC, NYC

We all experience burn out, either professionally or personally, at least once in our lives. I have been there and have had to make the decision that enough was enough and I knew it was time to make changes.
This book is a top-notch resource that you should have in your life. Eva’s direction and techniques are simple and easy to learn and will help you incorporate them into your life.
Additionally, this book will be your go to for the rest of your life.
Stacie Ford
Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor and Hypnotist
Founder of Elevate Your Mind Hypnosis, Utah

Thoughts of a Clinical Psychologist
I have been waiting a long, long time for this book. I just did not know it! As a clinical psychologist in private practice for 30 years I felt I knew about time management, setting boundaries, stress relief and the like. I didn’t know what I didn’t know! Eva provides, in an expert way, much new information as well as new information about old information.
Dr. John Edgette
Author of: Presto Hypno

About The Author:
Eva Wells is a three-time author award recipient of Pinecone Book Awards. Several of her books have been featured on television broadcasts and magazine articles in various countries. She has published eight other books and has more on the way to bookshelves across the world.
Professionally, her background includes being a Board-Certified Hypnosis Instructor, Consulting Hypnotist, Rejuvenation Specialist and Master Life Coach. She uses her expertise and hands-on experiences combined with a simplistic, solution-based style to assist and guide clients into the desired outcomes which are most important to them.
Personally, Eva is a wife, mother of 3, and grandmother of 6. She enjoys time spent with family and friends. She is an avid animal-lover and has Anatolian Shepherds, Continental Giant Rabbits, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Jersey Giant Chickens, and Riser-Tail Manx cat at her family farm. Her deepest passions are helping others and writing.

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