Ride the Storm: A Novel

All hell breaks loose as the storm of the century plows into the Jersey Shore. Residents who ignored the governor’s evacuation order face death and disaster, unless the overworked First Responders can get to them. During the storm, playboy Chaz Danforth offers his insurance company as an evacuation shelter. Situated high on a high, built like a fortress, it should be able to withstand Hurricane Ursa. Will Chaz score with any of the women staff or evacuees as he imagines? Or will this life-threatening crisis demand more than his usual shallow responses?

What will Joe, the widowed father of 13-year-old Stevie do? Stevie struggles with social interaction and anxiety and may fall apart during the worst of the storm, putting their lives in danger.

And what are the Girl Scouts doing there? They’re not selling cookies …

Will any of them even survive?

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ISBN: 9798986412429
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