Self-Hypnosis: Easy As 1, 2, 3: 3 Minutes to Change Your Life!

This method of self-hypnosis is unique in that you give yourself the suggestion BEFORE you put yourself in hypnosis and allow the suggestion to go into your subconscious mind. With some other methods, you put yourself in hypnosis and then give yourself the suggestion. Because you are using your conscious mind when you give yourself suggestions, you are lightening the hypnotic state.

With this method of self-hypnosis, you give yourself the suggestion before you put yourself into hypnosis; therefore, the conscious critical mind is not active while you are in hypnosis, and the suggestion goes directly into the subconscious mind. I did not “invent” this method of self-hypnosis. The original idea of giving yourself a suggestion before you go into hypnosis originated with Harry Arons in his book, Master Course in Hypnotism. I knew Harry well, and he gave me his blessing to use this method of self-hypnosis. I’ve adopted his method and added my own touches. I teach this method of self-hypnosis to all my clients and to students I train for certification.

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