Sensational Sleep: Better Sleep for a Better You

Do you often feel like you are about to sleep while driving? Are you feeling anxious because it is about time to sleep, and you know you will toss and turn? Why medications for insomnia do not work for full restorative sleep, but what does work. 1 in 5 of the United States population have an issue with sleeping. Doctors give medications to patients for insomnia, but it is not working for many after some time, or some patients cannot take the recommended drugs. Many then feel out of it the entire day taking medications. Many are reluctant to go to a therapist, or it did not help them enough. If one continues not to get enough sleep, then there is a decline in cognition, increased weight gain, increased perceived pain, mood swings, and anxiety and depression. Is there another solution? Yes, there is a healthy alternative! Read this book, and you will learn: Routine – sleep habits what it should and should not include Ergonomics – of proper sleep and best practices and exercises to help accommodate you Supplements – what to have and what nutritional recommendations you should consider Take out what is not working for you from getting better sleep Sensational Sleep helps you get your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep back.

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ISBN: 9781737063407
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