The 7th Contract: Making Your Marriage Expectations Come True

This book is based on the fact that while married people and people engaged to be married can say what they want and what they expect of themselves and their partner, most of their expectations actually lie just below the surface of consciousness. Most of the expectations only pop up when the situation arises. They might agree that they would like to do breakfast out on Saturdays. But neither give any thought to who should get the bathroom first on a morning when they are both running late.
Marital expectations arise from living, then get stored away as it were, until needed. These expectations are based on each person's convictions about what it means to be a good man, a good husband and lover, a good father, a good woman, and a good wife and lover. That is to say, the man has three expectations of himself and three of his wife. The wife has three expectations of herself and three of her husband. Each of them must come into agreement with their partner and make workable an arrangement that takes account of their six expectations. That agreement could be thought of as the 7th Contract.
Anyone contemplating marriage will discover in this book the work of love. There are suggestions everywhere about falling in love and how to express and encourage these feelings. This book goes to the next step: doing the work of love. Feelings are the motivation to start the marriage. Doing the work of love is what deepens and sustains the marriage forever.
This book puts forth what that needs to be, how to find and keep it going, and the good things that happen as a result. Married couples can use it endlessly. Engaged couples can use it to gauge what they are contemplating for the rest of their lives. Counselors and ministers, physicians, and all who love the couple will find it to be a reliable guide. There is truth to the saying, “Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.” But a better saying would be, “Better to have loved and then loved ever more deeply.” The 7th contract describes how to do the work of love, not just express the sentiments of love.

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Genres: Christian Living, Marriage and Relationships
ISBN: 9798727857007
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