The Living Eulogy Journal: A Year of Sharing Gratitude and Becoming Happier

Wouldn’t it be nice for those we care about to hear the eulogy we created for them?

Why do we save our nicest thoughts for someone until after they’ve died? Why not share how much our loved ones mean to us now, before they’re gone? That’s where this unique gratitude journal comes in. If you believe that the people in your life deserve to hear the influence they’ve had and how much you appreciate them – while they’re still here to appreciate it, then this journal is for you!

Instead of reflecting on our feelings of gratitude, let’s share them. Let’s build bridges, strengthen relationships, and show those who’ve made a difference in our lives why they’re so important to us. And let’s start right here with this unique type of gratitude journal, The Living Eulogy Journal. Let’s focus on the most important thing: the people in our lives who have built us up, who have loved us unconditionally, and who have made this strange journey called life worthwhile.

This journal gives you weekly opportunities to share your living eulogy by encouraging you to call the person and read your loving words. By doing so, the lives of those who’ve made a difference in your life will be forever changed week by week as you share your gratitude for them, and with them.

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ISBN: 9781736157947
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