The Magic of Aesop: How to Use the Wisdom of Aesop’s Fables to Spark Transformational Change

Stories are about change and, as master storyteller James Halzerig states in the foreword of this book, stories are fundamental to human experience. A good story lowers resistance to hearing an important message to be accepted by the subconscious mind, all toward affecting positive action. We have all been spellbound when a mesmerizing story captures our attention and we find the meaning for our own lives. If you have ever struggled to find the right story to share with a client, a friend, a business associate, or even for your own mind to hear, then you will find this book both entertaining and instructional. Filled with insights and anecdotes from the legend of Aesop and with examples of Aesop's fables used in a clinical hypnosis setting to affect change, The Magic of Aesop will, indeed spark a transformation and set the reader and the listener on a new trajectory. This book offers specific examples whereby the addition of a fable or two, a moral or two and a few well placed hypnotic suggestions have helped with a wide variety of human issues, presented by a fox, a crow, a mouse, a lion, an eagle, the north wind, the sun and a host of characters from Mother Nature.

it's all laid out for you in The Magic of Aesop. Read it and start your own Aesopian journey!

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Genre: Hypnosis
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ISBN: 9781735477008
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