There Are: No Secrets: Connecting with the Past to Discover Truths to Make a Better World for Tomorrow

We must refocus on the one thing that we were meant to draw from, our families. A deep catharsis; whether it is with a birth family, foster family, adopted family, or one created by circumstances that our greater being has allowed to be our kin—run to it, and choose life!

Allow me to spin you a tale based on occurrences that happened in my lifetime. It is my story to tell, with my perception. What I witnessed with my own eyes: my surroundings, as a child, a teen, early adulthood, and well into adulthood. The portion shared with you, at this time, will have to do with the events and timeframes that cover my connection with my birth family. For you see, I was ten years old when I was adopted, and prior to that I lived in foster care for years. I was close to my birth mother. I call her Mami (pronounced “Mommy”).  I knew one day I would seek out the truth and make my way back to her. I just did not know how or when.

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