To My Own Self Be True: An Eighty-Year Spiritual Journey to Self-Empowerment

This book is for you if you no longer want to play victim to your past and desire to be happy, healthy, self-empowered, and free! If you are ready to give up excuses for having had a difficult childhood, being an adoptee, having a disability, being betrayed, lied to, cheated on, wrongly accused, punished, devalued, humiliated, threatened, injured, and controlled by those you believed and trusted, then you too can release the past, forgive yourself and others, trust and believe in yourself, and enjoy a purposeful, passionate, and productive life.

Despite numerous life challenges, Elizabeth Powers has held fast to her innate truth and core values since childhood. Throughout this book, personal stories and experiences illustrate how she has been true to herself and refused to be managed and controlled by others.

She can honestly say that she has no remorse or regrets and that she has forgiven those who have not had her best interests at heart. Although, at times, it hasn't been easy and even life-threatening, she has made the best of each challenge and learned the life lesson therein. It is Elizabeth's fondest wish that her life story can inspire your own.

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Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9798987265901
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