When Good Enough is Perfect: A Veterinarian’s Guide to Change, Acceptance, and Letting Go

"Willingness, acceptance, and forgiveness are some of the most powerful words in the world. When their meaning is understood and applied with regularity, there will be wonderful changes in your life.” – Dr. Cynde Gardner “This book was written about me!” That was the first thought that I had as I perused the pages. Although the details are different, my life from wannabe veterinarian to veterinary student to veterinarian to hospital owner to burnout and wanting to leave the profession has so many parallels to what Dr. Gardner describes. If the story emulates mine, it will emulate yours. As I was going through many of the same issues identified, we didn’t have names for them and we had even less resources to help us out. Cynde identifies them; gives the names; explains their roots and provides tools to use to address them and work to deal with them or best yet eliminate them. -Dr. Peter Weinstein, DVM, MBA

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Genres: Animals and Pets, Self-Help
ISBN: 9781736409503
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