“Why Does My Dog Do THAT?”: A Dog Lover’s Guide to Over 50 Weird and Wonderful Dog Behaviors

Have you ever wondered why your dog does certain behaviors?

Do you love dogs? Dogs are amazing creatures. They are loyal, friendly, and far more intelligent than many people believe. Dogs are task-driven and can even solve problems.
This book is a deep dive into many unusual behaviors common to many dog breeds. As you discover the meaning behind many of these behaviors, you’ll realize they not only shed light on what’s going on inside your dog’s brain but also when something might be wrong with your dog.
Not a dog owner? You just may want to become a “doggie parent” after reading this book. Dogs can enhance your life and provide you with unconditional love and companionship. These wonderful animals can serve as a reminder of the joys of kindness and friendship without expecting anything in return.
You will discover the answers to over 50 dog behaviors:

  • Why do dogs eat from a cat’s litter box?
  • Do dogs have emotions and feelings?
  • What do dogs dream about?
  • How do dogs communicate with you?
  • Why do dogs take so long deciding where to go potty?
  • How do dogs learn commands?
  • What do dogs sniff when they are outside?
  • Why do dogs lick their owners?
  • And many more…

As an added bonus, purchasers of this book will also receive access to a special website where they can download a FREE special report: “How to Quickly & Easily Housebreak Your Dog.”

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