Write It Down

A story of two angelic souls, Mara and Jake, who were created for each other and sent to earth to reconnect and complete their missions. Meanwhile, Mara risks everything as she is guided by repetitive dreams and visions in an attempt to save two life-long friends who are separately abducted. Their journeys unfold with passion and mystery through a twisted and emotional roller coaster filled with fear, anger, betrayal, pain, suffering, humiliation, revenge, humor, loyalty, kindness, compassion, respect, and love. Will Jake be able to save her, before she is lost for all of eternity?

Write It Down... it was happening again; those same words haunted Mara for 14 years. How was anyone supposed to write down something when they have no idea what IT is?

Write It Down... it didn’t make sense. Yet, the continual dreams, bodiless voices, visual signs, and constant reminders confirmed that she was different from others. Maybe this time she would discover the answers to the questions.

Editor and Beta Reader Reviews:
"... very powerful and hard to put down."
"The story is intoxicating and full of twists, humor, danger, and more... can’t wait for book 2 to release."
"A page-turner and emotional roller coaster."
"Well-written; draws you in quickly, and keeps you engaged."
"Explosive action.... easy to read - hard to put down. Excited for the 2nd book to come out."

*This book contains stories of abductions, abuse, violence, and other situations which could cause trigger responses.

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Genre: Romance
ASIN: 1735389196
ISBN: 9781735389196
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