Reframe Your Reality: Reprogram Your Mind with Powerful Auto-Somatic Affirmations for Self-Help, Self-Development, and Personal Success

If you've been trying to use affirmations to transform your life, but finding yourself only feeling frustrated and stuck, you’re not alone.

In “Reframe Your Reality”, Todd Harvey points out the fatal flaws in typical affirmations and provides a new integrative approach to help change your thinking patterns. Discover affirmations infused with your own body's energies that you can actually feel working.

With “Reframe Your Reality”, you will:

  • Learn a new affirmation formula that quells internal and external conflict: This easy-to-read handbook breaks down why you are actually lying to yourself with typical affirmations and why that approach is doomed to failure. You’ll discover how to create new, truthful affirmations that positively impact your thinking and self-image.


  • Unleash the power of auto-somatic affirmations: You will be introduced to a simple yet effective technique that connects your new truth-telling affirmations with your hidden, positive body energy systems (somatic), giving you a powerful tool to reprogram your mind and transform your life.


  • Put your affirmations on autopilot: Throw away the notecards, sticky notes and silence those intrusive reminders on your device. You’ll learn a surprisingly simple, fun and easy way to automatically and subconsciously repeat your affirmations continuously throughout the day.

And so much more!

Reframe Your Reality” is a short and effective step by step guide that cuts out the fluff of traditional long-winded self-help books. Order now and within a few short hours you could be experiencing your old affirmations in a new and powerful way.

Change your thinking and you’ll change your life. Start your own transformational journey by clicking on “Buy Now with 1-Click” and grabbing your copy of "Reframe Your Reality" today!

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Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 9798988235118
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