A lot of people ask me, how can I create courses and content based on my book and offer those resources to others. Let me let you in on a big secret: Cut the time spent curating these resources and use PLR.me as a resource.

PLR (which stand for Private Label Rights) gives you a shortcut to content you can use as lead magnets, course content, in you advertising, and elsewhere. They way I use PLR is simple. I curate content from PLR.me related to my courses and classes, lightly edit the material so that it reflects my viewpoint and so that the resources direct to my offerings, and they I redesign the cover or the layouts and distribute them as resources to my students.

A lot of authors wonder, “other than an excerpt from my book, what can I use as a lead magnet?” PLR.me can provide you with checklists, articles, short eBooks, and other complementary resources that you can use.

One of the benefits of PLR.me is that when you share and give these professionally produced resources away, you are sharing valuable content but not giving away your work. What you are giving away leads back to your books, your unique content, and your efforts.

I have long used PLR and I have used just about every website out their to curate PLR. I have discovered though that PLR.me is hands down the best resource for authors, coaches, therapists, and others who have a similar background to me.

You'll love this...

 My friend, Ronnie from PLR.me is giving away 100 FREE accounts to his popular PLR.me store.

 PLR.me has over 13,000+ coaching resources to choose from (and more added every month).

 Think of it like the "iStockPhoto" for self-help, health, wellness, and finance content.

 You can pick and choose what you want, when you want it.

 Typically, PLR.me free accounts only give you 2 download credits each month at no charge...

 But Ronnie gave us a private promo code that gets you 10 download credits instantly...


 You'll still get 2 additional free credits each and every month... absolutely free.

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So here's what you need to do:

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 So... what can you get with 10 credits?


 Over 95% of the PLR.me content costs under 10 credits.

 For example, you can get ALL of the below for FREE with your 10 credits:

 * Articles (1 credit each)

* Worksheets (1 credit)

* Checklists (1 credit)

* Assessments & Quizzes (1 credit)

* Affirmations (1 credit)

* Inspirational Graphics (1 credit)

* Action Guides & Lead Magnets (2 credits)

* Fables & Short Stories (2 credits)

 Or you can download your choice of:

 * 5-Day Challenges (10 credits)

* eBooks (5-10 credits)

* Presentations (5 credits)

* Landing Pages (10 credits)

 Absolutely free.

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 -Richard Nongard

 P.S. When you create your free account, there's a special one-time offer to get extra credits at a 75% discount. It's *not* required, but it's a fantastic deal if you want to get more done-for-you content like full courses, sales pages, ebooks, presentations, and more.