What to Write on Book Back Cover

This video will share with you exactly what you can write on the back cover of your book. A back cover should create a search within the reader so that they identify with the book, and see themselves in the story or the contents. In psychology this is called a transderivational search. The back cover of a book should speak to the potential reader and cause them to see themselves in the pages. This will increase book sales.

When you write the back cover of your book you should lead with your strongest sales point. For some this might be professional credibility. For others, it might be the contents of the book. For other books it might be a blurb or an endorsement from an industry leader or another author. 

You should include in your description features AND benefits. The reader wants to know, "I I spend $20 on this book, whats the benefit?" You description should reflect this.

You will not have space for everything you want on you back cover. Pictures are great but take up space. Bullet points make purchasing decisions easy, but they also hog space. In deciding what to keep and what to cut, remember the principle of leading with your strengths.