Have you read any of these books?   The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Christmas Carol, or 50 Shades of Grey? What about The Joy of Cooking, or Rich Dad, Poor Dad? These are just a few of the bestselling books that were self-published. Amazingly, some of the most successful books of all time have been self-published.

First, self-publishing is when an author publishes their own book. If they self-publish then they are in charge of the whole process from the writing to editing to publishing and marketing. There are many famous self-published authors. I teach people how to self-publish the right way and without getting ripped off by a vanity press.

Self-publishing has become very popular with self-published books often outselling traditionally published ones. The most successful self-published books have done really well on Amazon's bestseller list even beating Harry Potter!

There are many benefits for self-published authors who would probably struggle to get a contract with a traditional publisher. With self-publishing you can keep complete control of your work - it one hundred percent your work and no one can ever take that away from you.

Some self-published books have become best sellers on Amazon. The self-publishing world is full of success stories and some self-published authors have even made more money than traditionally published ones!

Charles Dickens was one of the earliest examples of a famous self-published author; he was also one of the most successful self-published authors of all time.

Robert Kiyosaki self-published his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 1997. He self-published it after being turned down by 121 publishers! Nowadays his books are bestsellers worldwide and have been translated into 51 languages! He has sold over 40 million copies of his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Wayne Dyer self-published many self-help books including Your Erroneous Zones which sold over 35 million copies! Some people even consider Wayne Dyer to be the father of the self-help movement!

Hugh Howey self-published his first fiction book in 2011 - half a million copies later he self publishes several different series that sell millions of copies collectively every year! His popularity has exploded since then with Hollywood buying up some of his stories and turning them into successful movies!

Fifty Shades of Grey is another example of a billion-dollar bestselling book.  E L James self-published her romance novel on a whim and then it exploded into this massive self-publishing success followed by a series of movies. It all started as Twilight fan fiction.  She self-published as a hobby after being inspired by the self-publishing success of others. She was not prepared for just how successful self-publishing would be though - she has sold over 125 million copies worldwide!

Mark Twain was published by New York publishing houses before he went out on his own and wrote the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.   He self-published because he was not satisfied with the way editors were changing his work and wanted to keep giving his readers all of himself in his writing.

 Self-publishing is more popular than ever before, and self-published authors are now being taken seriously by many people. If you have a great self-published book the possibilities of self-publishing success are endless!

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